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Artifact 2 (with stone)

Print | Giclee on art paper

Prints starting at $25
Framed prints starting at $75

This print is part of a series in which I created imaginative narratives, religious artifacts, and characters using my family’s history and religious culture as a reference point. The print is a reproduction of an oil painting I made in 2016. Although based on real subject matter, I made the oil painting from imagination. After making the painting, I then constructed a life-size model, using the painting as reference. Finally, I photographed the painting and made high quality art prints of the painted work. Artifacts were used by those who came before for interpreting and recording revelation from God. The artifacts we wear, use, or accumulate are powerful, outward indications of our inner values, commitments, beliefs, and priorities.

Confirmation and shipping:
Custom framed prints usually require 3-5 business days to complete. Multiple shipping options are available.

Framed prints and customization:
Framed prints include high-quality, custom black frames and are matted (See print images above for a typical example). Other kinds of frames and options may be available by request. Contact
info@shopherbie.com for any order or frame customization requests.

What is Giclee (zhee-klei) printing?

Giclee printing is a name given to a digital print-making process used to produce high quality, archival prints and reproductions of artwork. Modern Giclee prints should be printed...

  • using an advanced, large format ink jet printer, which utilizes 8 or more pigments, not simply cyan, maroon, yellow, and black (CMYK).

  • on a high-quality, archival substrate (such as fine art paper).